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Social®️ dining chair

Social®️ dining chair

Social® is a dynamic dining chair that brings fresh life to the table by allowing you to move intuitively in every situation. This multifunctional shell chair is available in two product variants, Social® Tilt and Social® Turn, with each their own unique features and use cases.


Social® Tilt allows you to tilt gently forward for extra focus and lean back when you wish to relax or reflect. Lean in and stretch out. A curved base encourages subtle tilting motions, allowing you to move intuitively while seated.


Social® Turn features a swivel base, which allows you to move intuitively and interact more comfortably.Move with your chair instead of moving in it. Turn left and right or spin all the way around.


Design: Snøhetta, 2023


    Social® Tilt: H 80,3 cm x W 55,7 cm x D 54,5 cm - SH 46,5 cm

    Social® Turn: H 80 cm x W 55,7 cm x D 52,8 cm - SH 46,3 cm

    Materials: polypropylene recycled PP

    Colors: Winter white / Onyx black / Red / Blue / Green / Cream

    Sustainability: easy disassembly for future recycling with a smaller environmental footprint



399,00 €Price


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by telephone: +30 2109216886

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